Pieces of Me

Cover Me Creative has been a long time coming. I’ve always loved art. When I was a little girl, I can remember coloring and drawing. What I distinctly recall is how bad my art was. It saddened me because it never looked on paper the way it had in my head. I could see it clearly and yet I did not have the skill to bring it to life on paper. My mother, bless her heart, encouraged me anyways. She would sit and draw with me, her ragged looking stick people were just as bad as my own. As a child, I assumed she drew that way on purpose, to make me feel better about my own renderings. It wasn’t until some years later I realized that while my stick figures had evolved somewhat, hers had remained unchanged. It still brings a smile to my face to think on that.

It wasn’t until many, many, many (ahems) years later that I discovered computers and software. And more specifically programs such as Paint and Photoshop. Photoshop became my obsession. Suddenly I was able to create those things that lingered in my minds eye despite the fact that I cannot draw. That’s right, you heard me admit that out loud. I am a designer that cannot draw. Don’t get me wrong, I can sketch out an idea. I can even doodle some passable insects and flowers. But that is the extent of my skill in that arena.

Having found Adobe, I found stock photos. And from there, I was a goner. I was mesmerized at how a simple image could be changed into something complex and wonderous. Or how I could combine them, manipulating them into a seamless scene. The effects were unlimited. My boundaries suddenly no longer existed.

And here I am. I’m able to use my passion to help others. And it is that, above all else, the drives me.

This is but a single piece of me….


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