Tales of Terror by Dwayne Hixon

Tales of Terror

3 of 5 Stars on Amazon

Tales of Terror by Dwayne Hixon

About the Author: Dwayne Hixon

Book Blurb:

Horror comes in many forms. The stories contained in this book all stem from the dreams that have plagued me since my youth. Whether it be a homicidal psychopath, monsters, an evil spirit hell bent on revenge, or something as seemingly benevolent as a shadow which, in reality is a demon straight out of the depths of Hell, capable of “cleaning out” one’s very soul, the fear is there, waiting for you to turn the page. Imagine for a moment that you are trapped in these nightmares, unable to wake up, screaming for a savior that never comes, praying that you could just open your eyes and thus escape the horror. Welcome to my world…


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