Cover Design DIY Tips & Resources

So you’ve decided to design your own cover….

A few things to remember:

1.  Your cover should reveal your genre.  Look at other books in your genre to spot selling trends and discover ways to stand out from the crowd.

2.  If your book is one of a series, consider the theme and how you will brand it for sequels.

3.  Keep in mind the small icons that are commonly viewed on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  Your cover needs to translate well for both print and e-Book formats.

4.  Clean and simple is more visually appealing.  A cluttered image is likely to be confusing and off-putting.

5.  Legible typography.  If it can’t be read, it’s likely to be ignored.


I’ve listed below a variety of links to review and consider while you contemplate the concept of your cover.

3 Secrets to e-Book Cover Design Success by Joel Friedlander

Why Simple Works Better by Joel Friedlander

5 Great Fonts for Book Covers by Joel Friedlander

15 e-Book Covers:  Success and Failure in the Kindle Store

Lessons From a Do-It-Yourself Book Cover Designer

This is just a small sample of the advice available at The Book Designer.


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